Medical Marijuana Collective Dispensary Law

MEDICAL MARIJUANA has become legal in 14 states and The District of Columbia. Recreational use of Marijuana has been made legal in Colorado and Washington State and it is on the ballots in other states to be legalized. While medical marijuana is legal in these 14 states, the sale of or possession of saleable amounts of marijuana remains a federal crime and a felony in most states. Medical marijuana collective dispensary law is perhaps the fastest growing and complex area of the law in the United States. The reason – it is the fastest growing cottage industry in the country.

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"I searched for months before I was able to locate Chuck Farano and boy was I glad I did!  He has the trial experience that I needed and the willingness go to the mat if necessary.  At the same time, he was the most skillful negotiator I have ever encountered and I have dealt with attorneys in my business for over twenty years." D.S.
"I was extremely pleased with the level of service delivered by Mr. Farano.  He was always well prepared and is absolutely fearless in the court room.  He explained all of my options to me in terms that I could understand so that I could make critical decisions about my case.  I could not have asked for a better result." G.L.
"I would highly recommend Chuck Farano as an attorney in any litigation case.  He knows how and when to play hard ball and his instincts and sense of timing within the justice system is tremendous." A.H.
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